July haiku

July 17

Bulbous black balloons:
flying ants festoon my arms
in jubilant sun.


July 18

Sunbaked pavement throbs.

Ecstatic, dazzled, arms raised

I praise this hot God.


July 19

Rat screams its terror

Cat, why hold it so gently

before the deathbite?


July 20

Look at me, Mummy!

Scoots hard at the kerb, and flies.

Sprained wrist and hot tears.


July 21

Brambles on gravestones

Kids pick berries early-black

Bittersweet pleasure.


July 22

Katydid on wall

legs folded green filigree,

Come away with us?


July 23

Pigeon lying down,

your round eye wills me away

from your patch of shade.


July 24

Two crows on the grass

both with wings streaked shocking white.

Mutant siblings, are you friends?


July 25

Feral currant bush

sprung from a crack in the wall,

your globes taste divine.


July 26

Wet boy at the beach

Scrambles barefoot rock to rock

with biscuits in hand.


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