Sing loud for Combe Haven


Here is a picture of my toddler and his dad having a chocolate biscuit with legendary tunnelling anti-roads activist Sitting Bull. They were in the kitchen area at Combe Haven’s Decoy Pond camp two weeks ago, beneath the branches of a grand and complex oak named Daisy.


It was a brilliant sunny day. The winter floodplain was saturated and the meadows were glowing. Morale in the camp was high, with people working purposefully, building defensive and often eccentric fortifications. I felt totally enlivened simply by being in this beautiful place, with people practically demonstrating their love for it.

Later in the afternoon my older son had a climbing class high among Daisy’s branches. Many thanks to the gentle and patient Benjamin for giving Felix a formative tree climbing experience. Felix was passionate and flushed with elation and adrenalin afterwards.


Deep gratitude to Daisy the oak tree and its community. Thanks, and goodbye to them. Despite the brave resistance of the tree defenders in this special copse by the stream, the camp was evicted and flattened in the three days following our visit and all the trees, including the majestic mature oaks, were felled.

The fight for Combe Haven continues. Join us. You can find out the latest from


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