Beuysterous tree love

Trees are amongst the most important things on this marvellous earth. We need to show them we love them and we mean it. I love this new initiative for 2013: BEUYSTEROUS  – creative actions for trees. 

Joseph Beuys was a German conceptual artist whose legacy includes his amazing 7000 Oaks: many thousands of oak trees he planted across Germany.

I am excited about the prospect of wassailing this month! And laying food offerings at the roots of trees.

Then I will be making guerilla tree love in February – want to join in?

In the week of Valentine’s Day (Feb 11-17ish) I plan to go out with wide ribbons (like beauty queen sashes) with words like THANK YOU and BELOVED written on them and tie them around various overlooked yet rightly taken-for-granted trees around town.

It would be fun if more people make love offerings to trees. Watch this space and the Beuysterous site to find out about creative days locally for making tree love ribbon sashes/ weatherproof Valentine’s cards/ storytelling labels/ odes/ whatever.

Or just go out individually, guerilla-style.

There is also a Facebook group.


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