the woodland trust has commissioned an animation

…which i want to see!

this story comes from this blog:

The short animated film, called Reliable and tidy hoverfly looking for a place to live was made and directed by three young film-makers, and was commissioned by the Woodland Trust.

It marks the first complete year of its Ancient Tree Hunt, a five-year project to find and record 100,000 ancient trees in the UK.

The film illustrates why such trees are so important as wildlife habitats, with holes, dead and rotting wood, wrinkles and crannies all important habitats for hundreds of plants, animals, insects and fungi, including many rare and threatened species.

Using animation with characters made of paper, recycled cardboard and other recovered materials, it tells the story of a hoverfly that wants to move into an old tree and is looking for the perfect spot to live. He is befriended by a click beetle who introduces him to the other inhabitants, the inner workings, relationships and survival mechanisms of the interior of a hollow, ancient tree.


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