another dream

I’m left with only fragments from last night’s dream.

I am looking at a tree. The hugest tree imaginable, towering over a flat landscape. The trunk is long, deeply striated, straight; impossible to climb. High above the ground the leafy canopy spreads out generously. Its great branches are full of people, tiny like ants or termites. They have tiny axes and saws and climbing equipment. Roped and harnessed to the trunk, the people set light to the branches one by one. As the branches flower into flame, the people saw them off. They drop like bombs and explode when they hit the ground. It is an epic task systematically executed. The people start at the top of the tree, and work their way meticulously downwards til all the branches and leaves are gone and the tree is a giant stump. Then they set to cutting the colossal stump down slice by slice.


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