Jo’s naked tree story

This story comes from a woman with whom I did my teacher training. I think she and I both struggled a bit with the  mantra which was drummed into us by our course convenor: “You are an agent of the institution [i.e. the school you work at]”. I wish I had the bottle to run around naked when I wanted to.

Time: March, 04
Place Epping Forest, London
Was as home in South London feeling bonkers – needed some nature. Trees talk to me – always have, so I went to meet them. Got tube out east to Epping Forest. Walked from the tube station to what felt like the edge of London town… took my clothes off, stretched my body and hugged the first tree that invited me, for ages… heart to heart. Then ran around singing LOUDLY and did cartwheels and tried to run really fast from a run-up to tree trunks and run up the side of the tree without using my hands. I climbed some trees and hung from the branches, feeling my whole bidy stretch witht he gravity and hung on for as long as I could trying to swing my body more and more til my arms said no more. Then I found the friendliest tree and sat in it for ages. Even though it was cold and I was bare I felt really warm… then i put my clothes back on and
felt like i was a coat-hanger or something like that and my clothes felt nice but funny. Then I walked back into London town and got on the tube. I felt yummy and like I had a delicious secret, like I had just met a lover and made love for hours and hours.
Then I was less bonkers for a while, maybe forever…?


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